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Natural cleaning and handmade products


Here at Fresh Green Clean we are all about a healthy sustainable approach to your home. It’s better for you, your family, and of course our beautiful planet!

So, why choose green cleaning? Well that’s easy, here’s three good reasons : 1 - Health. Studies have shown the negative effect of chemical cleaners on our respiratory system, skin and toxin induced headaches are far above what was previously believed. Regular use of cleaning sprays has an impact on lung health comparable with smoking a pack of cigarettes every day, according to a new study. The research followed more than 6,000 people over a 20 year period and found women in particular suffered significant health problems after long-term use of these products. Lung function decline in women working as cleaners or regularly using cleaning products at home was comparable to smoking 20 cigarettes a day over 10 to 20 years. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

2- Money. Cleaning doesn’t need to be expensive! If you learn to make your own cleaning products and household items like laundry powder you could make savings of over £100! White distilled vinegar and soda are lifesavers in the house, and to be honest a lot can be achieved with just hot water and a good cloth! 3- Environment. The toxins and strong synthetic surfactants can cause long lasting detrimental effects to our waterways and marine life….just look at the labels!! The chemical sprays contribute significantly to indoor and outdoor air pollution. And most cleaning products are only available in plastic containers which end up in landfill or our oceans. It seems crazy to me that in order to save us a few minutes of scrubbing we are willing to contribute to the suffocation of our oceans and wildlife.


We know that many of you are keen to make your own products and we love and applaud that!! Why not come along to one of our workshops or demos to learn how to do this?! The cost for the two hour workshop £30. This includes making three products stored in glass to take home plus a recipe booklet. You will also receive a lot of information on green cleaning, top tips and interactive demonstrations, learning about the use of essential oils amongst other things, all with the fun of meeting new, local like minded people



We provide quality cleaning with our own completely natural range of products. You can be confident there are no added toxins to your indoor air quality and your home will smell amazing! Regular and one off cleans £15p/h Chemical free Oven cleans - £65 for main oven and £45 for a secondary one.


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