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Make Your Own... Wipes

I’m always looking for ideas to make my cleaning a little easier but still stay natural. Are you a sucker for cleaning wipes? Is it something you are finding hard to let go off in your journey to zero waste or toxic free living? Watching the BBC’s fantastic programme War On Plastic I was very upset by the wet wipe mountain This made me realise

that I wanted to once again share my recipe for reusable household wipes, so here is how to make your own! 

1: Take some old tea towels and cut them into 4 pieces 

2: Take a jar and fill half way with a mix of half white vinegar half water. 

3: Add 20 drops of the essential oil of your choice....I suggest the Organic Defence blend by Neal’s Yard as it is proven to kill just as much bacteria as any bleach! 

4: Add in your squares of cloth one at a time and allow the cloths to soak up the liquid. 

5:Use as needed and wash in laundry to use again!

Honestly it’s such an easy swap and you will never go back to those kitchen wipes again!

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